Young Med Voices supports the development of the youth-led 'Read Between the Lines' campaign

Monday, 22 February, 2021

The Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) programme supports the development of the youth-led 'Read Between the Lines' campaign. This project emerged at the YMV Communications Lab (December, 2020), after a 4-day intensive programme of intercultural dialogues and learning-by-doing discussions. The YMV Communications Lab is an activity of the Young Mediterranean Voices programme coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation in partnership with the Center for Mediterranean Integration

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'Read Between The Lines' Campaign: aims and foundation

As the immigrant share of the population is rising, so are the far-right parties in Europe. The rise of far-right parties within the EU have exhilarated anti-immigration attitudes. Opportunistic politicians have popularised misconceptions on the economic, social, and political impact of immigrants. This has resulted in a recent boom in voter support for right-wing and populist parties, with a sharp increase in regional-wide right-wing nationalism.

Right-wing nationalism’s rise has been witnessed in Spain where Vox has become the third largest force in the parliament. The sudden rise of the far-right Vox party in Spain is not a unique political story to Europe. For instance, AfD in Germany has become the biggest opposition party in the Bundestag. Read Between the Lines is a social media communications campaign focused on migration-related issues.

The campaign aims to deconstruct false assumptions on migration by correcting narratives on migrants and creating more awareness on migration-related topics. The campaign focused on correcting popular misconceptions, for instance although the economic impact of migration has been intensively studied, it is still often led by ill-informed perceptions which usually leads to public antagonism towards migration.

Nonetheless, the reality is that immigrants are vital for boosting the economy. Studies have revealed that migrants significantly contribute to labour-market flexibility, boost the working-age population, and make important contributions to the labour market in both high and low-skilled occupations. With the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation, all social media platforms have been launched.

We utilise the power of social media platforms, and the prevalence of hashtags to shift mindsets, fight xenophobic ideologies, and tackle the misconceptions on migration. Read Between the Lines aims to shed much-needed light upon the distortions that bad economics and political rivalries bring to public debates while deconstructing false assumptions on the impact of migration. Using story-telling as the main mechanism, Read Between the Lines conducts interviews with refugees, migrants, and more work personnel in the migration field to give a voice for migrants themselves to correct narratives.

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