Fruitful partnership between the Young Mediterranean Voices programme and Chatham House

Tuesday, 10 November, 2020

The Young Mediterranean Voices programme is proud to announce its partnership with Chatham House, an independent policy institute and a trusted forum for debate and dialogue based in London.  This cooperation comes as a result of recognising the importance of promoting the cultural diversity of the Euro-Mediterranean region, and the central role of intercultural dialogue in bringing people together and bridging the gap between citizens and communities.

The partnership recognises the work led by both institutions in the field of education for intercultural learning, research and youth empowerment, in addition to the work around leadership and support of youth empowerment through capacity building within the region. 

We aim at promoting joint research, activities, and publications from both the Anna Lindh Foundation, as Coordinator of the Young Mediterranean Voices and Chatham house in the field of intercultural relations, focusing and exploring new possibilities through the existing structure of the two partner organisations, and new structures related to our dynamic groups of alumni.