Young Mediterranean Voices at the Summit of The Two Shores

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

The Anna Lindh Foundation’s association with the Summit of the Two Shores was announced as part of the broader initiative of the President of the French Republic to define "a different Mediterranean policy by learning from all of the successes and shortcomings and involving civil society to recreate a more inclusive Mediterranean policy”. The initiative was anchored by a Summit hosted in Marseille in June 2019 with the Head of State/Government from the 5+5 Western Mediterranean Dialogue counties, the European Union and Germany, Mediterranean organisations (Union for the Mediterranean and the Anna Lindh Foundation), international institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Organisations for Economic Cooperation and Development) and 100 civil society representatives from the two shores of the Mediterranean. 

In preparation for the Summit, a far-reaching process took place from January to mid-June aimed at putting civil society at the heart of the renewed regional cooperation, including five preparatory fora on the main themes of the Summit. 

Young Mediterranean Voices delegates were engaged at the “Youth, Education and Mobility” Summit in Malta (24-25 April, 2019). The Forum was co-moderated by alumni of Young Mediterranean Voices and the event included online connections with young leaders in remote locations across the Mediterranean as part of the Commission “Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange”programme (DG Education and Culture). 

Additionally, members of Young Mediterranean Voices programme were invited to take forward the output of the Malta Forum (24-25 April, 2019) in the pre-Summit meetings in Montpelier (2-3 May, 2019) and Tunis (11 June, 2019), ahead of the main Summit on 24 June, 2019 in Marseille, championing the call for “Investment in a Mediterranean Generation.”

They wrote: 
A UfM delegation, including Higher Education and Research advisor, Itaf Ben Abdallah, and Social and Civil Affairs expert, Abdelkader El Khissassi, actively participated in this second preparatory forum of the Summit of the Two Shores, reflecting the UfM’s institutional commitment in promoting regional dialogue and its ambition towards streamlining regional Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.
Union for the Mediterranean, April 2019
Speaking at the forum, Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela stated: “Investing in a Mediterranean Generation is crucial for the future of the region”, further underlining that “youth-led initiatives focused on education and mobility are without doubt the most effective approach to tackle common regional challenges”
Maltese Ministry for Foreign Affairs, April 2019
Members of Young Mediterranean Voices have been invited to take forward the output of the Malta Forum to pre-Summit meetings in Montpelier on 2-3 May and Tunis on 11 June, ahead of the main Summit on 24 June in Marseille, championing the call for “Investment in a Mediterranean Generation”.
EU Neighbours South, April 2019
Nous sommes dans la construction d’actions concrètes, explique Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secrétaire d'État auprès du ministre des Affaires étrangères français. Nous sommes là pour accompagner les représentants d’ONG, d’associations, afin que leurs voix puissent être entendues lors du Sommet à Marseille”.
ECOMM News, May 2019