Online campaigns to counter extremist narratives: four innovative ideas developed at the YMV Communications Lab 2020

Friday, 18 December, 2020

After a 4-day intensive programme of intercultural dialogues and learning-by-doing discussions, four creative campaigns were developed at the Young Mediterranean Voices Communications Lab, aiming to counter extremist narratives and hate speech.

This year’s edition of the Communication Lab went virtual from 7 to 11 of December 2020, due to COVID19 restrictions of face-to-face interactions. The aim of the event was to leverage youth-led dialogue and exchange to shape digital narratives.

The Lab brought together a group of 20 young influencers and civil society workers  from 11 different countries in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean region (Spain, Lebanon, Albania, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Germany, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan). 

Participants acquired digital techniques, references and creative tools to tackle social challenges through data storytelling, creativity, critical thinking and discussion. The group composition of mixed backgrounds from different cultural regions, provided an enriching exchange with a wide variety of experiences, built on intercultural dialogue. Moreover, participants developed a set of project campaign ideas which were presented in a public online event on 11 December, 2020. The campaigns tackled the topics of climate change, freedom of speech, free education and migration, and included an inter-regional aspect.

The first group developed the '#TakItToTheCOP' campaign on climate change, aiming to influence policy-makers at the upcoming COP26 Climate Summit.

Group 2 proposed a campaign on freedom of speech, the '#FreedomVShatespeech' campaign, highlighting that freedom of speech is both a right and a responsibility and inspired by George Orwell's statement: "Freedom is the right to say no".

Group 3 worked on a campaign about free education in the universities of Jordan.

The last group came up with the '#ReadBetweenTheLines' campaign on migration, focused on erasing differences between human beings, with the slogan: "We can be unique together".

The two most voted campaigns were ‘#TakItToTheCOP' and '#ReadBetweenTheLines'. Young Mediterranean Voices will financially support the implementation of each of the two winning campaigns (‘#TakItToTheCOP' and '#ReadBetweenTheLines') with a cash prize amounting to 6,000 EUR financed by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Center for Mediterranean Integration.


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List of wining teams and participants.